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Radiocommunication devices and systems for railways.

Radio Remote Control Systems – eDSR/DSR Koliber

eDSR Koliber Remote Control System

The eDSR Koliber Remote Control System is a product dedicated to railway radiotelephone networks serving railway lines managed by PKP PLK S.A. The section traffic controller, who directs railway traffic on a selected section of the railway route, remotely manages the operation of all radio actuators involved in managing railway traffic from his workstation.

eDSR Koliber provides the operator on duty with radio and telephone communication (audio, data transmission) with all vehicles on the railway route covered by the system. The use of a digital transmission interface ensures high audio quality, reliable operation, and easy integration with other telecommunications systems. eDSR Koliber is a new generation of the DSR Koliber system, produced for 10 years by Radionika and implemented on over 2,000 railway lines in Poland. The new Koliber eDSR system is the most modern technical solution of this type available on the Polish market.

Remote operation of base stations from a computer station.

  • Remote and local operating mode of base stations.
  • Ease of adapting the system structure to changes
    user needs (easy expansion with additional stations
    dispatching, connecting systems or their parts under supervision
    one or more section managers).
  • Digital Ethernet transmission protocol between everyone
    system elements.
  • Full identification of subscribers and system users.
  • Device status monitoring, integrated via SNMP protocol
    enables the transfer of unified data to collective data
    management and diagnostic systems.
  • Remote service supervision and system operation diagnostics.
  • Local and central recording of calls and events in the system.
  • High system reliability, full redundancy possible
    hardware of each element.
  • Compatibility with many teletransmission devices
    manufacturers and types: e.g. Ethernet Extender (TKD up to 8 km),
    CTC MediaConverter (fiber optic transmission).
  • eDSR Koliber ensures optimal space management
    in telecommunication cabinets.
  • Low electricity consumption extends operation on the power supply
    emergency and reduces operating costs.
  • Operating in analog VHF mode and supporting the digital standard
    DMR communications.

DSR Koliber Remote Control System

DSR Koliber Radio Communication Dispatch System manufactured by Radionika Sp. z o. o. is intended for radio dispatcher communication in the Polish State Railways networks. This system is a modern technical solution, specially designed for the needs of PKP. It can be installed along railway routes, providing two-way radio communication in the VHF band between the dispatcher/duty officer and subscribers and system users equipped with mobile, stationary or portable radiotelephones.

The system guarantees the user of the radiotelephone network efficient and convenient communication using the methods and means of communication used. It ensures two-way audio transmission, making connections using the tone signaling used at PKP (EXT 1, EXT 2, EXT 3), transmitting and receiving the Radio-Stop alarm signal. Taking into account the technical and functional development of modern radiocommunication systems, DSR Koliber also enables the implementation of more advanced functions and options available in modern radiotelephone networks. In particular, the system allows for: the implementation of the selective calling function (SELCALL), CTCSS/DCS coding and data transmission (including to identify subscribers), receiving GPS signals, recording conversations and events conducted on radio channels, and cooperation with other computer applications . The system is equipped with diagnostic interfaces enabling remote supervision and monitoring.

The design of the system and the technology used also allow it to be used for cooperation and integration with other radio communication systems, including: with GSM-R fixed terminal systems implemented on selected PKP railway lines.

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