GPS/GPRS monitoring module SLP-02

Kormoran - GPS/GPRS monitoring module type SLP-02

Kormoran module is dedicated for vehicle remote traffic and status control. It’s mechanical and functional construction are optimized to rail vehicles traffic managements requirements. It can be easy installed on every type of rail vehicle, either carriages, special rail vehicle or locos. 
Kormoran module is equipped with GPS (Global Positioning System), GSM module for data receive and transmission, internal and independent power supply module and set of sensors. Unit transmits data in GSM/GPRS standard to our logistic software base system called KORMORAN TM.
Fully controlled access to stored and processed data enables rail vehicles traffic real time monitoring and management.   

Robust construction, resistant to environmental severe influence (low/high temperature, water/humidity, mechanical impacts) guarantees reliable and long term use. Waterproof housing is made of very durable synthetic material. Unique fitting system to the vehicle protects Kormoran unit from unintended and unauthorized dismantling.

Kormoran unit is also equipped with an electronic identity system designed for easy and reliable unit and vehicle identification. Very reliable movement sensors supported by specially developed software algorithm generates reliable traffic (move/stop-off) data history related to each vehicle.  

Mechanical construction and fitting system enable quick and easy installation of the unit to all types of carriages like coal carriages, tank cars, platform cars, self-unloading cars.

Technical parameters:

‣         GPS
              - energy consumption optimization („Kick start” and
           „Assist Online” technology),
‣          Quad –Band Technology (850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz).
‣          Communication with server: SMS, GPRS (Class 12).
‣          Power supply: batteries ensure continuous operation during
           the period 12-48 months
           (battery life depends on the transmission frequency).
‣          Permanent source of supply possibility (on-line transmission).
‣          Operating temperature range: -40 °C ...+ 80 °C.
‣          Housing:
              - water resistance: IP 67 according to EN 60529
              - mechanical robustness: IK 9 according to PN-EN 50102
‣          Dimensions: 193x87x203 mm (LxWxH)
‣          Weight: 1.25 kg

KORMORAN TM it’s a software platform enabling traffic management of rail vehicles equipped with Kormoran module. System receives traffic data from Kormoran modules transferred via GSM net, converts it to reports and statistics. It supports vehicles traffic monitoring and movement optimization.

System’s standard features:

‣       Easy access to data through internet application.
‣       Visual presentation on digital map latest updated data – GPS
        position and statuses.
‣       Time based data storage.
‣       Traffic analysis based on geographic, defined by the user, areas.
‣       Interactive communication with the vehicle based on defined
        criteria (defined area access, stop, move, speeding, etc).
‣       Advanced reports and statistics capabilities.
‣       Battery life control.
‣       Remote module diagnostics.