eDSR/DSR Koliber

Remotely controlled radio systems eDSR/DSR Koliber

Remotely controlled radio system DSR Koliber

The control room radio system DSR Koliber manufactured by Radionika is designed for use in radio communications between control rooms in PKP. Modern technology has been applied to create a system tailored to PKP. Installed alongside railway tracks, it facilitates two-way VHF radio communication between duty officer and the users of the system via transportable, portable or stationary radiotelephones.

The system guarantees efficient and convenient communication. It allows two-way audio transmissions, connections with the use of tone signaling (ZEW 1, ZEW 2, ZEW 3) and transmission and reception of the Radio-Stop alarm signal. As Radionika takes into account the technical and functional development of modern radio communications systems, DSR Koliber facilitates the use of advanced functions and options present in modern radio networks. Particularly, it offers: a SELCALL selective call function, CTCSS/DCS coding and data transmission (eg. for user identification), GPS signal reception, conversation and events log, inter-app computer communication. The system also contains diagnostics interface, enabling remote control and monitoring.

Owing to its structure and applied technology, the system can work or be integrated with other radio communications systems, eg. permanent GSM-R terminal, available on selected PKP lines.