Antenna AT2S, Radio Handset KMT-01, Manual Microphone

Radio Handset KMT-01

The radio handset type KMT-01 has been designed to support duplex voice communication carried by a driver of a rail vehicle. An ergonomic shape of the handset along with its base guarantee safety and comfort during voice conversations carried out in a loco cabin. Big, ergonomic, functional PTT button aids quick-call response in various circumstances. Stable, comfortable handset fixture ensures safety of operation in harsh cabin loco conditions. The handset has been prepared for installation in vertical and horizontal positions. Smooth, matte structure of the chassis coupled with its aesthetic design add additional advantages to our product.  

Technical parameters

Dynamic insertion

‣      Impedance 260 Ω
‣      Efficiency 115,3 dB/1mW
‣      Frequency band 300-3400 Hz

Condenser microphone

‣      Impedance 2.2 kΩ
‣      Frequency band 20-16000 Hz
‣      External connector DB-9 male, LiYCY 8x0.25, l=2m* control cable

* the cable length and connector type can be adjusted upon demand of the customer.

General features

‣      Chassis                ABS, polyurethane
‣      Color                    chassis and base – black, matt PTT - orange
‣      Dimensions        249(D) x 73(S) x 69(W) mm
‣      Weight                 470 g

The complete KMT-01 set consists of:

‣      a handset with a 50-centimetre long spiral cable (stretchable to
       the length of 3 m)
‣      a base with a hook switch
‣      a 2-metre long control cable (type LiYCY 8x0.25) with a DB-9m
       connector at its end.