Koliber GSM-R/VHF rack 19” – certification for Czech Republic (SŹ)

We kindly inform you that our Koliber GSM-R/VHF rack 19” railway radio terminal has been approved for use in Czech Republic in every radio railway network supervised by SŹ (Správa Źeleznic). Our product has passed all the necessary tests as well as field trials carried out in a range of radio systems used in Czech Republic i.e. SVR 150MHz, TRS 450MHz and GSM-R.

Koliber GSM-R/VHF rack 19” railway radio terminal is a very compact (1 x 3U rack 19”) product, which when installed on a vehicle offers radio communication in every radio standard currently used in radio railway networks in Europe. It operates in digital GSM-R as well as in public GSM net, analog VHF 150MHz and UHF 450MHZ duplex/simplex compliant to UIC-751-3 with any existing improvements.
Certification of our product in Czech Republic proves our technical competence, reliability and innovative engineering of our products.